Your lifestyle affects your longevity

Our center for preventive, proactive and personalized medicine is focusing on scientifically-proven lifestyle interventions, treatments and technologies based on in-depth diagnostics.

We focus on what our clients can do today to optimize their health and vitality leading to an increase in a healthy life span.

Longevity Center

Our team

a team of experts in their respective fields between medical doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and executive coaches joined by a passion for new technologies and innovation in the area of healthy longevity.

A holistic approach to your health

By taking a holistic approach to our programs, supervised by a multidisciplinary team of medical doctors and therapists, we are able to provide you with comprehensive support in your physical health and emotional balance.

The Longevity Center concept is based on the use of the biomarkers of health, latest scientific developments in longevity, genetics, epigenetics, neuropsychology, immunopsychology, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition.

Our team will help you to build a supportive mindset for healthy lifestyle choices, e.g. better sleep quality increased resistance to stress, higher nutrition and the selection of the most effective physical activity for your personal needs.

The most important prerequisite for successful therapy is a correct diagnosis.

Our aim is to identify primary risk factors influencing your health, whether due to lifestyle choices, previous health conditions or environmental factors.

Our experts not only look into your genetic predisposition but more importantly, your epigenetic expression, mitochondrial health, oxidative stress level, microbiome, cognitive health, sleep quality, stress resilience, as well as your current lifestyle choices and medical history. This enables us to detect potential health risks, even where there are no obvious symptoms.

We then create your personalized health plan customized to your individual needs.

Your biological age

Biological age is a more precise parameter of our health,  well-being and life span than our chronological age. Changes in our lifestyle (healthy diet, exercise, quality of sleep and stress resilience) can slow down or even reverse our biological aging. This will potentially result in a lower biological age.

There is no one biomarker that is currently considered as an ultimate solution to measure biological age.  At the Longevity Center we are using a combination of most relevant and scientifically-proven biomarkers, which focus on inflammation, the immune system, as well as the most important organs.

We are the first center in this part of Europe providing a wide portfolio of biomarkers to measure your biological age as well providing lifestyle interventions under medical control.


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