Each of our programs starts with an assessment of risk factors for lifestyle – related health conditions as well as your biological age and focuses on a particular aspect of your longevity journey.

By working hand in hand with your medical doctor and the rest of our team, you’ll select your personalized diagnostic and therapeutic strategy tailored to your individual needs and personal goals.

Our programs

Factors affecting optimal health


According to latest research results, genetics has only around a 10 percent influence on the state of your health. However, suboptimal health and lifestyle choices can activate the “bad” genes.


Lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, physical activity, working habits, smoking, and alcohol consumption, may influence which genes are expressed. Healthy lifestyle practices can help keep the “bad” genes under control.


Chronic stress through unbalancing your neural circuitry leads to suboptimal health performance and speeds up the aging process. Stress management can prevent these changes and contribute to improved mood, boosted energy levels, and increase your cognitive potential and better immune system.


Inadequate sleep quality can adversely affect your health and cause cognitive dysfunction and physiological changes that can lead to medical conditions. Getting a full night’s rest and especially deep sleep, is needed for proper rejuvenation.


Foods that do not match personal needs can cause inflammation through microbiome imbalance, which can negatively affect your overall health. A tailored diet and supplements to increase nutrient content take you one step closer to peak performance.


It is essential to exercise, but not to excess. Overworking prevents the body from regeneration and causes physiological stress. Additionally, each person reacts to various types of exercise differently.

Shortest path to your optimal health


This comprehensive assessment will lead to your personalized health plan, which will include recommendations regarding your lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, exercise as well as stress resilience.


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