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Start your journey to optimal health. Our questionnaire will only take you 10 minutes to complete and will help you to learn how lifestyle factors influence your vitality and healthy longevity.

Lifestyle Assessment

Longevity Center

Created out of passion for a healthy lifestyle, vitality and new technologies.

We work with world-recognized experts in the area of health optimization and longevity to increase physical, mental and social well-being for people at any age. Our experts focus on the latest scientific developments in health and ageing biomarkers, genetics, epigenetics, immunopsychology, nutrition, metabolic health, mitochondrial health, sleep quality and age science.

Health is not only the absence of disease


Your personalized Longevity Plan

Our goal is to identify the major risk factors affecting your health and vitality. A comprehensive yet entirely personalized health and longevity plan is tailored to your personal needs.

Hände schreiben den individuellen Longevity Plan auf ein Ringbuch im Longevity Center

Our team of experts and longevity coaches will help you understand your current state of health, sleep better, build resilience to stress and implement a healthy and appropriate diet. You’ll also receive an exercise and physical activity regime adapted to your individual requirements to improve your metabolism and overall wellness.

How young are you?

Our Biological Age is considered to be a better parameter of the actual state of health, well-being, and possibly health span than our chronological age. It is strongly impacted by our lifestyle, various sources of inflammation as well as hormonal changes. Age is the most important risk factor for most chronic diseases. Slowing the biology of aging can help us not only to feel good but can protect us from many common diseases.


Your well-being is at the absolute center of our interest and attention.

Mann mit verschränkten Armen möchte seine Vitalität im Longevity Center steigern

We create your personalized health plan customized to your individual needs.

Biological Age Program

Are you younger than you believe?


Regeneration and Sleep Program

Sleep as a source of vitality and long life.


Your First Step to Longevity Program

Two hours that can change your life.



Longevity Center

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