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Executive well-being

Working in a high performance environment, with ambitious goals, risk- taking, high competitiveness, raising complexity levels and fast pace have a huge impact on your health. By understanding how lifestyle and environmental factors affect your epigenetics and immune system, you can take control of your health early in the process and influence your well-being today and your health span in the future.

This state-of-the art program is dedicated to top management executives who are looking for ways to increase their cognitive and physical performance and efficiency both in business and in their private life.

It offers an in-depth analysis of the environment in which a manager like you operates as well as your lifestyle and its impact on the body, which enables you to develop a result-oriented mitigation plan.

It brings together expertise and collaboration across our best specialists in the fields of psychology, executive coaching, epigenetics, hormonal health, nutrition, stress management, sleep and lifestyle medicine.

Key benefits

  • smiley-sleepy

    Better quality of sleep

  • restaurant-seat

    Diet coaching with regards to healthy eating habbits

  • brain-head-1

    Improved cognitive performance

  • lc_stress_resiliance

    Increased resilience to stress

  • LC_vitality

    Increased vitality

  • insurance-head

    Mitigation of risk factors resulting from exposure to oxidative stress

  • fitness-jumping-rope

    Personalized training and activity plan

  • list-to-do

    Preparation of the most optimal diet that supports your life and business schedule

  • LC_icons_0-1

    Reduced inflammation

  • ico_balance

    Restoring balance in your body

  • team-exchange-chat

    Support by a team of experts

Program includes

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Expected results

The goal of this program is to support your professional development through the use of the latest scientific-based medical solutions. Our team of specialists in lifestyle medicine, hormonal health, epigenetics, psychology and nutrition, stress and sleep medicine will accompany you in building a personalized health and vitality plan.

Increasing your mental and physical condition will help you boost your performance as a business leader. We will also provide you with tools for better work-life integration to enjoy vitality as long as possible.


Due to personalized nature of our services, the cost of participation in our programs depends on the individual needs of our Client. Each twelve-month program consists of two phases and begins with an analysis of the current state of health followed by a comprehensive assessment of biological age based on a number of biomarkers.


Phase 1: Assessment of risk factors for lifestyle – related health conditions (4 -5 hours)
incl. assessment of your biological age (CardioAge, PulmoAge, PhysioAge, CogniAge).
Detailed scope of services including consultation with MD and psychologist.


Phase 2: 12-month program consisting of additional tests as well as support of an integrated team of specialist MD’s and other health experts (nutritionist, psychologist, physiotherapist).


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