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Future Parents

The Future Parents program focuses on preconception health. The latest research in epigenetics shows that our lifestyle has a huge impact, not only on us and our children but also on future generations.

This program is dedicated to couples or individuals who would like to prepare well for future parenthood and a healthy baby.
Preparing the body to be a parent is a very important activity in modern medicine. The assessment of hormonal potential and the exclusion of metabolic disorders is a vital step before planning to have children for both men and women.

By taking care of your health before pregnancy, you can prevent many future problems for yourself and secure a healthy epigenetic predisposition of your baby.

Key benefits

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    Addressing your vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • science-dna

    Assessment of your genetic and epigenetic predispositions

  • smiley-sleepy

    Better quality of sleep

  • LC_clean

    Detoxification of your system

  • restaurant-seat

    Diet coaching with regards to healthy eating habbits

  • baby

    Investment in the healthy future of your baby to come

  • fitness-jumping-rope

    Personalized physical activity plan

  • pregnancy-ultrasound-baby

    Preconception health check

  • family-umbrella-protect

    Preparation for responsible parenthood

  • restaurant-fork-spoon

    Preparation of the most optimal diet that supports your health

  • LC_icons_0-1

    Reduced inflammation

  • ico_balance

    Restoring balance in your body

Our program includes:

futute parents

Expected results

The Future Parents program will help you take a responsible approach to conception and pregnancy.

Our team of specialists will work with you to create an action plan that will prepare you physically and mentally for one of the most important events in your life.


Due to personalized nature of our services, the cost of participation in our programs depends on the individual needs of our Client. Each twelve-month program consists of two phases and begins with an analysis of the current state of health followed by a comprehensive assessment of biological age based on a number of biomarkers.


Phase 1: Initial health evaluation (4 -5 hours)
incl. assessment of your biological age (CardioAge, PulmoAge, PhysioAge, CogniAge).
Detailed scope of services including consultation with MD and psychologist.


Phase 2: 12-month program consisting of additional tests as well as support of an integrated team of specialist MD’s and other health experts (nutritionist, psychologist, physiotherapist)


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