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Exercising can leaving you feeling oh so great

Optimal Health

Achieving optimal health is crucial for healthy longevity. It utilizes the body’s inner capacity for restoration, cell renewal, and regulation and thriving. The result is rejuvenation, cognitive performance, increase motivation to strive, creativity and potential for a longer healthy life span.

This program provides an in-depth analysis of your health status to help you understand how your lifestyle impacts your physical and mental well-being. This comprehensive program includes physiological, psychosomatic, cognitive and lifestyle assessment and interventions tailored to your unique needs.

Key benefits

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    Better quality of sleep

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    Healthy eating habits

  • brain-head-1

    Improved cognitive performance

  • lc_stress_resiliance

    Increased resilience to stress

  • LC_vitality

    Increased vitality

  • LC_icons_0-1

    Reduced inflammation

  • ico_balance

    Restoring balance in your body

  • team-exchange-chat

    Support by a team of experts

Our program includes:

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Expected results

Your Optimal Health program will help you to mitigate the impact of lifestyle on your health.

We will provide you with the knowledge and tools to implement healthy habits into your life to keep you on your journey to your most optimal health. This comprehensive, 12-month program, thanks to the support of a team of specialists and the latest diagnostic technologies.

The Optimal Health program will allow you to implement healthy habits leading to an improvement in well-being, vitality and healthy longevity.


Due to personalized nature of our services, the cost of participation in our programs depends on the individual needs of our Client. Each twelve-month program consists of two phases and begins with an analysis of the current state of health followed by a comprehensive assessment of biological age based on a number of biomarkers.


Phase 1: Assessment of risk factors for lifestyle – related health conditions (4 -5 hours)
incl. assessment of your biological age (CardioAge, PulmoAge, PhysioAge, CogniAge).
Detailed scope of services including consultation with MD and psychologist.


Phase 2: 12-month program consisting of additional tests as well as support of an integrated team of specialist MD’s and other health experts (nutritionist, psychologist, physiotherapist).

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