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Stress resilience

We are exposed to stress every single day of our life. Deadlines at work, traffic jams, financial changes, private life can be at times complicated, and most of us are looking for acceptance. All of this can affect our health and lead to various health problems.

Exposure to long-term stress is harmful to our hormonal and cardioviscular system and most importantly, to our brain health.

We know, that stress is necessary for maintaining energy levels required for taking action. Excessive amounts of stress, however, speed up aging and lead to faster wear of the body’s resources. Therefore, buliding stress resilience is crucial, not only for facing life challenges but also for a healthy and long life.

Stress resilience is a program that comprehensively approaches the issue of stress and its impact on the human body.

Key benefits

  • smiley-sleepy

    Better quality of sleep

  • restaurant-fork-spoon

    Developing healthy eating habits

  • brain-head-1

    Improved cognitive performance

  • lc_stress_resiliance

    Increased resilience to stress

  • LC_vitality

    Increased vitality

  • insurance-head

    Mitigation of risk factors resulting from exposure to oxidative stress

  • LC_icons_0-1

    Reduced inflammation

  • ico_balance

    Restoring balance in your body

    longevity plan 1

    Expected results

    Stress resilience is a program that allows you to understand the mechanism behind stress and provides you with tools to mitigate its possible negative consequences.

    With the use of science and waerable technologies, we are able to track our stress patterns and more importantly, learn how to better manage it to our advantage. With the help of our specialists, we will provide you with the tools to deal with stress and achieve a healthy work-life integration, leading to a boost of creativity, vitality and productivity.

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