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Start your journey to optimal health. Our questionnaire will only take you 10 minutes to complete and will help you to learn how lifestyle factors influence your vitality and healthy longevity.

Lifestyle Assessment

Biological Age Program


Two people born on the same day age very differently. Our chronological age is the effect of the passage of time and is determined by our date of birth. Biological age is a much more precise representation of our overall health and well-being (health span), based on various epigenetic factors and our lifestyle choices to date.

These unique program will help you to understand various aspects of your biological, phenotypic and functional aging (epigenetic, physical, cognitive, molecular).

Are you younger than you believe?

Our goal is to add healthy years and vitality to your life. The largest risk factor for all chronic diseases is aging. Our biological aging test will provide a snapshop of how well you are aging in the view of your overalll health. Based on a variety of biomarkers, from clinical to generic, physical, cognitive and epigenetic, we will prepare your personalized longevity plan including an action plan and next steps.


Key Benefits:

Understanding your biological age and biological functionality

Assessment of your genetic and epigenetic predispositions

Mitigation of risk factors resulting from exposure to oxidative stress

Personalized physical activity recommendations

Preparation of the optimal diet to support your health

Reduced inflammation

Mineral deficiency

Early detection of metabolic diseases

Our program consists of:

Introduction to the program by a Medical Concierge

Lifestyle self-assessment (online questionnaire)

Evaluation of vital signs: blood pressure, saturation, temperature, heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, glucose level

Consultation with a Medical Doctor:


  • comprehensive medical interview
  • evaluation of family medical history
  • current knowledge on genetical predispositions
  • Vaccination history
  • Age- and gender-specific physical examination

Cardio-pulmonary metabolic performance: echocardiogram (ECHO), ECG, stressed test, respirometry, carotid artery USG;

3D scan of your body:

  • In just 60 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2 mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in 3D.

Movement and Flexibility evaluation with a physiotherapist

Biomarkers of biological age:


NeuroAge: assessment of cognitive functions and the possible risk of neurodegenerative conditions

MetabolicAge: body composition testing, weight, BMI, percentage of muscle and fat mass, metabolic rate

MuscleAge: dynamometric test of strength

EpigeneticAge: genetics and epigenetics DNA test. Epigenetic evaluation enables you to understand and track how your lifestyle and environment affect your genes [evaluation of epigenetics results (6-8 weeks)]

Additional services:

GlycanAge: reveals the age of your immune system. It also measures your unique response to lifestyle change

TelomereAge: telomeres are the protective caps of our chromosomes and play a central role in the aging process

After gathering all results, you will receive your personalized Longevity Plan with an action list and next steps.

Cost and Duration


Biological Age Program



2 days



2850 EUR



If you are interested in

this Biological Age Program,

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