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Evidence-based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine is at the core of everything we do. Our comprehensive health assessment and 12-month implementation programs are based on the latest scientific and medical research results in preventive health, lifestyle medicine, age science and longevity.

Your comprehensive, long-term health plan created by our medical experts is based on your personal needs and adapted to your life priorities.

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Your health plan

Our aim is to help you to increase your vitality and optimize your health potential, resulting in healthy longevity.

Our Longevity Center team will start with an assessment of your current state of health, using state of the art biomarkers and technologies.

We will enable you to take control of your health capital by reviewing your lifestyle choices based on the latest scientific understanding of epigenetic factors including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress resilience, etc.

Our Team Programs
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Your Longevity Center

We are looking forward to your visit in our center in Warsaw, Poland.

Please visit us at Belwederska 9 in Warsaw, Poland.

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Lifestyle Assessment

Start your journey to optimal health. Our questionnaire will take you only 10 minutes to complete and will help you to learn how lifestyle factors influence your vitality and healthy longevity.



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