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Experience Swiss Excellence
at the Longevity Center

Let us embark on this Longevity journey. Together we will build a legacy of vitality that endures for generation.

Discover the power of Swiss quality and longevity expertise rooted in rigorous medical science supported by collaboration with renowned specialist centers in Switzerland and a world-class scientific advisory board.


At the Longevity Center, we envisage a world where every stage of life can be lived with vitality, well-being, and joy. No matter your age, you should have the insight and the tools to thrive, not just survive. We’re not just a medical facility; we’re your gateway to the pinnacle of Swiss healthcare.

Our commitment and expertise to individualized checkups and longevity add-ons set us apart.


With scientific thinking at our core, we ensure that the latest research and expertise guide your health journey. Investing in your health has never been more crucial, and we’re here to make it an exceptional customer experience.

Longevity – unlock the best you,

in your best health, for life.

Longevity Center Method ®

We analyze health in a integrated and comprehensive way at the physical, mental, biochemical and molecular level.

  • Genetics & Epigenetics
  • Environmental Health
  • Biological Age
  • Hallmarks of Aging
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Gender-Specific Medicine
  • Psyche & Emotion Management
  • Cognitive Functions

In the Longevity philosophy, we rely mainly on biological age, which is assessed using numerous tools. Chronological age is just an additional point of reference. With the help of the Longevity Center Method, we assess the body’s current state.

We make the difference


Longevity Experts and Collaborators

Experienced team specialized in longevity medicine. With an extensive network of Swiss and global experts, we ensure you’ll receive the best possible medical care and advice.


Client-Centric Approach

Focused on open communication, active listening, and collaborative decision-making to meet clients’ needs and goals.

scientist or reseacher using microscope in biotechnology laboratory  overlay with DNA strand and molecules symbol

Comprehensive Assessments

Deep dives into biomarkers, genetics, and lifestyle for a full health profile.


Cutting-edge Technology

We invest in the latest technology and medical advancements to offer State-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools for optimal patient outcomes.


Evidence-based Approach

Grounded in medical research for scientifically rigorous recommendations and treatments.

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Customized Interventions

Personalized plans targeting specific health goals and concerns.

The Power of Data

10 000

We have successfully completed 10,000 tests for our clients.


We will assess 110 parameters of your microbiome and food hypersensitivities (48 allergens).


We will check 64 parameters assessing the quality of your sleep and the risk of sleep apnea.


We will check 52 parameters of cognitive functions: perception, attention, memory, learning, thinking, decision-making and language.

Our First Class Services


For individuals

We recognize that every human is unique with individual needs, genetics and lifestyle. Our approach is to tailor our check-ups and Longevity diagnostic based on factors such as gender, age, lifestyle, athletic ambitions, and ethnic, environmental as well as cultural origin. In addition to our preventive check-ups, we offer…

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For businesses

The aim of a personalized check-up is not only to support the physical health of corporate clients but also to strongly optimize mental health and cognitive performance. Furthermore, by helping team members to establish a strong foundation and understanding of wellbeing, they are likely to boost and promote..

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Meet Our Team

  • Longevity Center Switzerland Anna

    Anna Erat
    M.D., Ph.D.

    Global Medical Director of Preventive & Sport Medicine, Longevity Group SA, Medical Director of Longevity Center, Switzerland

  • Longevity Center Switzerland Alicja-2

    Alicja Dudek

  • Longevity Center Switzerland Terhi

    Terhi Keller


  • Longevity Center Switzerland Anamaria

    Anamaria Biro


  • Longevity Center Switzerland Joanna Bensz

    Joanna Bensz

    Founder & CEO

  • Longevity Center Switzerland Anna

    Anna Erat
    M.D., Ph.D.

    Global Medical Director of Preventive & Sport Medicine, Longevity Group SA, Medical Director of Longevity Center, Switzerland

  • Longevity Center Switzerland Kreetta

    Kreetta Lutzelschwab

    Director, Operations & Clients Experience

  • Longevity Center Switzerland Anamaria

    Anamaria Biro

    Clinic Manager

  • Longevity Center Eric Verdin

    Eric Verdin

    President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

  • Longevity Center Stefan Catsicas

    Stefan Catsicas

    Managing Partner, SkyViews Life Science

  • Longevity Center Alexandra Vallon Eberhard

    Alexandra Vallon-Eberhard

    MBA Expert in longevity biomarkers and ecosystem partnerships

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