Longevity Plan

The fundamental goal of our Centers, and our Longevity (Optimisation) Plan, is to add healthy years and vitality to your life, using the latest, cutting-edge medical and scientific knowledge and technology. Our plan is a highly personalised, individualised and unique report that combines in-depth knowledge about your genetic and epigenetic predispositions, alongside a full range of holistic, lifestyle, medical and scientific interventions you will take in order to improve both your current, and future health.

It all starts with our specialised ‘360 Whole-Person Health Assessment’

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    • 360⁰ Whole Person Health Assessment

      We combine your current medical history, with our own suite of diagnostic tools based on our scientific Longevity Method. We believe it is important to detect any potential risk factors and health dispositions so that targeted interventions can be made and made early. We use highly precise, modern methods of detecting the key risk factors for serious diseases.

      During your first assessment you will undergo extensive number of tests and diagnostics, both at the physical, cognitive, and cellular level.  These include e.g: mitochondrial health, oxidative stress level determination, artery stiffness, 3D body composition modelling, densitometry, posturography, cognitive assessment, our muscle strength. In an extensive program we will focus also on your microbiome and food intolerances.

      Your assigned Medical Doctor will begin the process of exploring the insights from your 360 whole person health assessment with you, and these insights will form the foundations for stage 2 – your personalised interventions.


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    • Our full team of specialist doctors, consultants, and allied health professionals will work together using your data to build out personalised, integrated health interventions. This is a ‘person-centred’ approach. We never look at health markers in isolation. Physiological well-being is inextricably linked to psychological well-being, and the reverse is also true.

      Our team will recommend a range of scientifically proven interventions, from Red Light Therapy, to Hyperbaric Chambers, Cryochambers, and personalized supplementation and diet plan.


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    • Longevity Plan

      Your final results, alongside our full range of person-centred specified interventions form the basis of your 12 month Longevity Optimisation Plan.

      You will meet again with your assigned Medical Doctor to deep dive into all your results and longevity recommendations, and explore how your plan can be effectively integrated into your life, and results monitored and assessed over time.


Key Benefits of the Longevity Plan
  • Insight into your true ‘biological age’ and how to improve it
    Assessment of your genetic and epigenetic predispositions
  • Strengthening the potential of your cognitive and psychological health
    Detailed analysis of body composition, and clear pathways on improvement
  • Preparation of an optimal diet supporting the health of your body
    Early detection of metabolic diseases and understanding your metabolism
  • Identification of vitamins, minerals and supplements that will best support your optimal health
    Reduced inflammation and increase your immunity
  • We create your Plan based on Longevity Center
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  • We are only interested in what has been scientifically proven. The Longevity Center Method is based on research in the field of:

    • Biological Age
    • Genetics & Epigenetics
    • Hallmarks of Aging
    • Environmental Health
    • Psyche & Emotion Management
    • Cognitive Functions
    • Circadian Rhythm
    • Gender-Specific Medicine
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