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We provide a tailored experience that will elevate your perception of what great health should look and feel like.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure you can easily progress and succeed in your health journey. Our comprehensive health assessment and 12-month implementation programs are based on the latest scientific and medical research findings in preventive health and longevity. Evidence-based medicine is at the core of everything we do.

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Meet Our Team

  • robert2

    Robert Jarema
    MD, PhD

    Medical Director, Director of the Men's Health Department, Urologist

  • Anna_Modleska_Ziolkiewicz

    Anna Modelska-Ziółkiewicz
    MD, PhD

    Director of the Metabolic and Hormonal Health Department, Endocrinologist

  • Wanda Baltaza

    Wanda Baltaza

    Director of the Nutrition Department, Clinical Dietitian

  • Dariusz Soldacki

    Dariusz Sołdacki
    MD, PhD

    Scientific Director, Immunologist

  • Dorota_Gmaj

    Dorota Wołyńczyk-Gmaj
    MD, PhD

    Psychiatrist, Sleep Medicine Specialist

  • 1024x1024 L

    Anna Górzyńska


  • dr_S_Szlufik_f2464a98d4

    Stanislaw Szlufik
    MD, PhD

    Head of the Brain & Memory Lab, Neurologist

  • d89792fe040cc5baa1784a392d2666d2

    Anna Krysiukiewicz-Fenger
    MD, PhD

    Pediatrician, Longevity kids

  • 2023-01-08

    Piotr Kubalski
    MD, PhD

    Internal medicine Specialist, Hypertensiologist, Diabetologist

  • iwona dobrzyńska

    Iwona Dobrzyńska


  • expert

    Aleksandra Leksińska
    MD, PhD


  • 18044 (1)

    Joanna Ibisz

    Functional Medicine

  • IMG_8021 (1)

    Paweł Rzepecki

    Sport Director, Longevity Sport Lab

  • Zielska Adriana

    Adriana Zielska
    MD, PhD

    Oncologist, Ultrasonographist

  • c0ff9d5ace6b26a29aea9173d69f924a

    Magdalena Kałuza

    Family Medicine Specialist, Ultrasonographist

  • 317d36c885d5d4cfdbbb1241726e2220

    Anna Bochen

    Family Medicine Specialist, Ultrasonographist

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