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Longevity Plan

The goal of longevity experts around the world is not only to increase life span but what is more important, to add healthy years and vitality to your life. The goal of our program is to introduce solutions and habits in your life related primarily to lifestyle that will allow you to live in good health for a long time and enjoy life to the fullest.

Epigenetics research (science about how the environment affects our genetic expression) shows that genetic information is responsible for up to 25 percent of our health potential. The rest is up to our lifestyle choices, sleep quality, nutrition, exercise, our resilience to stress, healthy social relationships and our environment.

The Longevity plan is our most comprehensive program and will be tailored-made for you.

Key benefits

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    Addressing your vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • science-dna

    Assessment of your genetic and epigenetic predispositions

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    Better quality of sleep

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    Comprehensive assessment of biological age and biological functionality during the program

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    Dietary coaching to support your healthy habits

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    Increased resilience to stress

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    Mitigation of risk factors resulting from exposure to oxidative stress

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    Personalized physical activity plan

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    Preparation of the most optimal diet that supports your health

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    Reduced inflammation

  • ico_balance

    Restoring balance in your body

  • yoga-arms-stretch

    Support on the way to achieving optimal health for longer

Our program includes:

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Expected results

The main aim of this program is to partner with you to become the healthiest version of yourself and increase your vitality for longer. You will receive the most comprehensive plan to improve your health and life span. We will focus on understanding the impact of lifestyle on your health and adopt behaviors that maximize vitality in a longer life. By analyzing the changes that occur with age, based on scientific knowledge in the field of genetics, epigenetics and immunology (studies of immunity), on the study of metabolism, inflammation and stress resistance, we have the possibility to influence your physical and emotional state today. You will receive from us your personalized health plan and tools that will help you maintain your optimal health and vitality for many years.

Longevity is not a goal but a lifestyle.


Due to personalized nature of our services, the cost of participation in our programs depends on the individual needs of our Client. Each twelve-month program consists of two phases and begins with an analysis of the current state of health followed by a comprehensive assessment of biological age based on a number of biomarkers.


Phase 1: Assessment of risk factors for lifestyle – related health conditions (4 -5 hours)
incl. assessment of your biological age (CardioAge, PulmoAge, PhysioAge, CogniAge).
Detailed scope of services including consultation with MD and psychologist.


Phase 2: 12-month program consisting of additional tests as well as support of an integrated team of specialist MD’s and other health experts (nutritionist, psychologist, physiotherapist)


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